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       I was born in Boulder, Colorado and spent most of my years growing up in Oshkosh, NE. In May of 2012, I graduated from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln with a degree in Art Education. I participated in Big Brothers/Big Sisters, TeamMates, UNL Art League, Ash Hollow Art Club, and The Nebraska Arts Club Association. I was also an illustrator for the Daily Nebraskan  and was the mascot for the University for four years.

     From kindergarten through twelfth grade, art was always my favorite subject. I was fortunate to teach and collaborate along side my elementary and high school art teacher, Doug Leopold, when I was hired in the fall of 2012 at Garden County Schools.  Not only did he encourage me to exceed my own expectations but he was an active member of our community as a mentor and coach in and out of the classroom. 

      I have felt more compelled to use my degree as an art educator beyond the classroom after being inspired by an Art in the Community Class. I learned that art education is needed everywhere; with children's book illustrations, museums, and using outside resources within a community.

    When I am not teaching I am looking for creative ways to improve my community. I believe a community is only as strong as its leaders and small changes can change the way we perceive environment as a whole. When I create a piece of art I want to remind people of the past while reviving the charm of living in a small town.



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